7 Secrets for Slashing Your Grocery Bill

7 Secrets to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by www.MrsSavvySaver.com These tips will save you money on your grocery bill each month. When you budget you'll find your grocery bill can be cut down when you apply these tips to your routine.


Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill with 7 Ideas

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Intention. Eat more healthy lunches.
Reality. Wake up late, rush out the door, grab lunch at a fast food place for $7.00. If you then do this X 8 times this month = $56 gone in one month. Do that every month and you have just downed $672 you will never get back.

But if you want to be saving money in your budget for other things try these ideas. They have worked well for me and I highly recommend them to you because they are some of the ways I use to eat healthy and also use all the food that I actually buy so that it doesn’t go to waste.

1. Buy in bulk.
If you are like me, some foods are a staple in your house because you like it and look forward to eating it often. So, stock up and save.
I have found that you need to compare prices based on the ounce when you shop though. This helps you compare apples for apples. Sometimes the “buy in bulk” stores are actually charging you more for products than saw Walmart or Kroger do for the same thing. But because you are getting double the amounts it seems like a good deal.

We eat oatmeal for breakfast. I know we will eat it and so it doesn’t make cents to buy it in small containers. Bulk works well for oatmeal. 
Moral of the story, know your ounce price!

2. Shop once.

I do one large shopping trip at the beginning of the month. This helps to fill my cupboards and by using my meal plan I know I have food for the whole month. By knowing all the ingredients are in my house it doesn’t  take much planning to select a meal and have it ready for supper. I even wrote a whole post about my meal planning and how I do it each month for about $170!


I’ve written a whole post with my step by step guide on how I stockpile food so that I can meal plan and pay the absolutely lowest prices! It’s on of my most popular posts on Pinterest. You can read it all here. 

3. Reduce.
When I purchase meat, I divide it up into smaller bags that fit our family. I freeze them, then when I’m ready to use some, I only take out what I need and nothing goes to waste. Again, buy the bags in bulk.

4. Containers.
I love these containers.

They take up very little room in my cupboards because the lids are the same size. When you fill them with leftovers they just slip right into your fridge and stack right on top of one another.
My fridge stays neat and clean and with the clear sides it doesn’t take me but a second to see what the contents are next time I look through my fridge.

Now for a healthy salad I will cut up my salad fixings with this plastic knife. When I get groceries I will put fresh salad food in several of these. At any time I can make a salad up in 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. It’s so simple and easy! Plus, it takes the hassle out of eating healthy too!

Save Money on Groceries with these 7 money saving tips.

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5. Water on the go.
Water is so good for our system. We all know it yet somehow we just don’t make the time to fill up our water bottle before we need to walk out the door. Which means we buy it while we are out or just go without.
Solution. Make your own to go water bottles! These hold 17oz. and stay cold for a long time. Just fill 5 or 6 at a time, place them in your fridge door and grab one when you need it. You will get your daily water intake in with no hassle!

6. Baby food.
If you have a baby in the house, this can save you money and give your growing little one a healthy start with this handy tool. Baby food takes work but life doesn’t slow down when you add another member to the family. With this squeeze station you just make up the food ahead of time and it puts them in the EASY squeeze pouches. Then you grab and go with healthy food for your little one. No store bought, overly processed nasty food!

7. Chest Freezer.
If you stock up when meat and other items are on sale you will want to own a chest freezer!! Knowing you have plenty of freezer space will allow you to take advantage of good deals when they pop up. I love my chest freezer and don’t know how people get by without one.

This one is 7 cubic feet. It comes up to about my hips so it’s not to tall. But you do have to bend over to get things when they are in the bottom. They make freezers that are 19 cubic feet and those are really nice! Growing up on the farm allowed us to have one full beef done up every year. That is ALOT of meat so we needed the large freezer to hold it all. But because of that we never went to the store and bought it. So when I got married and had to buy my own I about had a heart attack! What?!?! Meat cost this much!!!! Haha, yes it was a big surprise.

I hope this list helps you begin thinking of ways you can cut down on your grocery bill. What will you start with first?

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