$1000 Challenge

This is for you if…

  • you need money
  • you want a savings account buffer
  • your vacation fund is low
  • your shoe fund needs help 🙂
  • your bucket list is expensive
  • you’re frugal but want more savings tips
  • saving money is hard and you don’t know where to start

this is for you honey!!!!!

I’m so excited for you to get started!

How does this work you ask? 

  • I’m so glad you asked sister!! Sign up below to the Mrs Savvy Saver $1000 Challenge. 
  • On August 1st you will receive your first video, right to your inbox. I will give you one actionable way to start saving money. 
  • Some days will be ways to make money to add to your savings account.
  • Each day will be a different way to save towards $1000 so don’t miss one of our 31 emails! 

We have paid off over $33,000 of debt and along the way I have learned a few tips and tricks. I’ve created this challenge to help show you some of the ways for you to end the month with $1000 cold cash in your bank account.

Because this challenge began August 1, 2017 you will be joining a challenge already in progress. This means you will receive an email tomorrow, along with the rest of the group. Welcome aboard! Our next full challenge will begin October 1, 2017.

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