11 Powerful Abigail Johnson Quotes for 2018

Abigail Johnson – Fidelity Chairman and CEO

At the head of Fidelity Investments is a very kind, gracious and hardworking woman, Abigail Johnson. With a networth of $14.4 she is a good role model for women seeking to grow their networth. With 51% of the company being held by the employees themselves, their mission to really help their clients isn’t just words but good leadership from the top down. Here are some spectacular leadership and life quotes by Abigail Johnson.


“I knew that I wanted to have a family but I knew that I wanted a career. I wanted it to be exciting, fast paced and challenging and something that would last for decades.”

“Investment management is an excellent career for women because it is based on your intellectual capability, your ability to do analyses, your results are very quantifiable and nobody can take those results away from you. They are yours.”


“Independent thinking is one of the things most valued in an investment professional.”

Independent thinking is one of the things most valued in an investment professional. Abigail Johnson Quotes Click To Tweet


{My father instilled in me }” a relentless focus on continuing to try to improve everything you do.”


“The answer and the right answer for you and your organization might not be something that has been done before.”


On career and family – “Trust your instincts.”

On career and family – Trust your instincts. Abigail Johnson quotes Click To Tweet


{Advice to myself 20 years ago} “Don’t doubt yourself. Keep at it. Stay looking ahead, stay committed and stay true to yourself.”


“Even a small reduction in errors and rework can have a significant impact.” Abigail Johnson

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“I demand pretty aggressive goal setting and a commitment to measured progress towards those goals because I don’t like surprises. I don’t even like good surprises.”

“We set up a small bitcoin and ethereum mining operation… that miraculously now is actually making a lot of money.”

“I am in a traditional financial services business – but we at Fidelity can see that the evolution of technology is setting our industry up for disruption. What if this technology could do for the transfer of value what the Internet did for the transfer of information?”

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