5 Hacks for Saving Money on Your Vacation

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When I was growing up on the dairy farm summer time was busy.

We were up early to do chores and then I would pack lunches for everyone. Then out the door we all went. There was plowing to do, fitting and planting to be done. Corn, wheat, oats, and hay to be put in so that harvest time would be plentiful. 

But all this work left little time for vacation or rest.


Now we did rest every Sunday after church and to this day I still love my Sunday afternoon naps! 

But back then the rest and reward we looked forward to each year was the August farm show. It was the one day we did chores and then left the farm for some family fun. 

We would look at brand new farm equipment, sit in and “drive” the big new shiny tractors, combines, skid steers and four wheelers. Almost every vendor had free pens and paper which I loved to collect. Some even had candy! By time we were done walking and collecting things after 6 hours my bag was pretty full. On the ride home I always dumped out my stash to review what I had scored that year.

Some tents had crafts and live music to enjoy too. 

But the best part of all was the last booth we went to as we left for the day. 

The candy booth. 

They hand worked the taffy and sold it by the foot! I always wanted a stick of the white one with a red stripe running down the center, the fire cinnamon stick. Oh it was so good! The smell of freshly made cotton candy filled the air as we stood their picking out our taffy. They sold shiny red hard covered candy apples which I also loved but we could make those at home so I didn’t want to spend money on those, it was always the taffy I wanted! 

It was our treat every year. 

Now that I’m grown and have my own family and live in another state we don’t go to the farm show but I do realize the importance of rest and reward. 

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Is Your Budget Holding You Hostage?

Most people call it vacation. A time to get away and refresh. We all need to do exactly that. But it doesn’t need to be a budget breaking event! 

Here are some tips to saving money when you go on vacation. 


This site has some awesome deals for places to stay at while you are away. You can find a whole house or a single room, all depends on what you look for. 


This can give you some really good deals on hotels, events and activities so be sure to check those deals out before paying full price . 

Rent Your Home

So how about making money while you are gone to cover your vacation? Rent out your home while you aren’t using it! Depending where you live you might make $300 or if you live in a location where others vacation often you might get even more. For example a home in Virginia Beach, Va might bring in $760 for the week. Not bad for not even being at home!

Birthday Deals

If anyone in your family is celebrating their birthday during your vacation be sure to collect some free deals to celebrate. Check out this list of over 700 places for birthday deals!!! Another awesome reason to celebrate adding a year to your life!

Secure Credit Card

When your on vacation almost everything is an impulse buy. Which is fine if you don’t overspend your budget category. This is an easy way to make sure you don’t, put your money on a Secured Credit Card! All you need to do is open a card, deposit the amount you have saved for your vacation on the card and then use it. It’s a win-win. You wont overspend and you don’t have to have cash.


Usually we use Craigslist for something we need around our town, all at a great price but don’t forget to search under tickets in the city you are visiting on vacation. You could find some really great deals on tickets from locals for concerts, football games, baseball games and more!

I hope you enjoy these money saving tips. Where are you planning your next vacation to? Comment below because I’d love to know! I read every single comment! 

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