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I’m so glad you stopped by my little world. I’m Holly aka Mrs. Savvy Saver. 🙂

Budgeting/Saving Money

Is debt overwhelming you, frustrating you? Want to be free of it but don’t think it’s possible? Hopefully my story will encourage you. It really is possible!

My Prince Charming and I were married in 2004 and one month later moved to beautiful, sunny Florida. It was like living in paradise all the time! I loved it. The sun was always shining, we lived 9 miles from the beach and we were newly weds. He was working part time and going to school full time. I was working full time and life was crazy. We loved it there.

We knew debt was going to be hanging over our heads from the school loans he had taken out so we committed to paying off each school bill as it came due, during the time he was in school. It was a big bite out of our paychecks but it was worth the hard work.

When he walked for his diploma we had $17,000 of debt left to pay. We were also moving to NY for him to take a small church where he would be pastoring. The salary was going to be very small and we knew he was going to take another job.

Here is where we did the crazy thing! We wanted to start our family and knew that I was going to stay home so we decided that I would NOT go back to work! Even though I could have easily found a job in my field. All the while we knew we would make less that $20,000 that year. Crazy right! I know!

The Lord truly blessed us during those crazy first steps of me coming home. We still were able to enjoy time together, we did fun cheap dates but we did not spend on things we didn’t need. I should also say we had no credit card debt. Nothing went on the credit card.

So, how was all this possible? How could we make it on $20,000 a year?

We were able to do this because we had a firm budget in place when I came home. We kept track of every penny that came in and went out so that we were able to pay every single bill we had and still live.

A budget is not a nasty word believe me. When you put it to hard work FOR you it will actually mean freedom! Freedom to know every single bill is paid on time, freedom to give gifts to other, freedom to do what you value the most and freedom to plan a path to being debt free.

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Today I’m a stay at home wife and mother and loving every minute of my full days.

When I’m relaxing you might find me curled up reading a biography or history book. I love my library! I’ve often dreamed of traveling just to see some of the beautiful libraries around the world. Are you coming with?!

In the warm weather months I love being outdoors hiking, biking, or picnicing with friends. Virginia is perfect for doing LOTS of outdoor activities! Plus it has many historic places which I also find fascinating!

Oh, and my crazy obsession with heels means my Pinterest board is full of to die for heels! But my budget for shoes just doesn’t match my wish list, so I settle for window shopping via Pinterest! Yes, I’m not alone! I heard you say, Me too! 🙂

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