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Have you decided you need to save money on your grocery bill and want to learn how to coupon? Groceries are a large percent of everyones budget but couponing can save you money in that category. But how do you start couponing? Wish you had a beginners guide for couponing? Then keep reading Mama!

I’m excited to have with us on here on the blog, Tiffany from

She has a great story of how she even got into couponing and how it helped her be able to be a stay-at-home mom.

If you find yourself thinking is it worth my time, I’m too busy or how do I keep track of everything then this should help you! Read Tiffany’s story and be sure to grab the free guide she has created!

When you hear the word “couponing,” what do you think of?

For me, I remember my mother sitting every Sunday evening at the kitchen table, intently pouring over the weekly ads and clipping the newspaper coupons.  She spent hours each week preparing and executing each shopping trip, only to save a few dollars.  (Although, a couple of dollars was quite a lot of money back in…..well, let’s just say that when I was kid, it was quite a few years ago!)

The Beginners Guide for Couponing. The story of one lady who began and then created a FREE guide for the rest of us!

This image is what came to my mind two years ago when, at a church activity focused on emergency preparedness, a woman in our church raised her hand and stated she used couponing to help build an emergency supply of food to have on hand in her home.  I started to tune her out until she said, “I haven’t paid more than $.50 for a box of Cheerios in years, and I always get my toothpaste and shampoo for free.”

After that meeting, several of us surrounded her and begged her to teach us her ways.  At the time, I had been deciding to go from being a full-time math teacher to staying at home with our first child.  This decision was being forced on me a bit.  I had always planned to be a SAHM when I started having children, but this was definitely a surprise pregnancy.  It was our first year of marriage, my husband was in his last year of undergrad, and I was going to be the breadwinner!  All of our plans were falling apart: in addition to a difficult pregnancy, I had spent the year before in and out of the hospital with severe health problems.  Instead being excited to stay home with my daughter, I was feeling nervous.  We were going from two incomes to one, and we now had expensive medical bills to pay off.

I was looking for ways to shrink our budget, by any means necessary.  I braced myself for hours of work, repeating that it would be worth it.  Imagine my surprise when our first meeting with her took less than 30 minutes, and I ended up saving over 50% on my groceries that week!

I was looking for ways to shrink our budget, by any means necessary. Click To Tweet

What makes the difference between my mother’s way of couponing and my own?  Two words: the internet!

Now, instead of having to find each deal on your own when the Sunday paper comes out, someone else has most likely already had an early edition of the ad and upcoming coupons, done a matchup, and posted it on the internet to share!  What used to take hours of work to clip and catalog coupons, read ads, and prepare shopping lists is now already completed several days before the sales actually begin!

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In fact, there are now so many different websites, blogs, Instagram accounts, etc. that focus on couponing, it’s a bit overwhelming!  When I first began couponing, I felt adrift in a sea of acronyms and phrases that were more like a foreign language than English.  Thankfully, my friend from church walked me through it all until I was confident enough to go on my own.

And now, just a few years later, I even blog about it!

About a year ago, shortly after our second child was born, finances were tight again.  Even though my husband had been graduated and worked a great job, we still had expensive medical bills, and I was stuck at home with two kids.  I’d always been a proactive, type-A personality, and that is difficult to do when you’re managing pint-size stubborn dictators who have zero ability to reason!  I also had a new infant, so I could no longer tire out my oldest by spending hours at the park, zoo, or library.  Cabin fever hit me, and it hit me hard.  I longed for something concrete that I could do in addition to being a SAHM.  I love setting goals and making checklists (and you really can’t write down, “Only yell at my kids twice today” and then check it off!)

How to coupon using the Beginners Guide for Couponing.

One day, I came home from a particularly amazing couponing trip where I’d saved 80% off my groceries.  Of course, I did what every 21st century mother does: I took a picture and bragged about it on social media.  Several friends instantly asked how I did it, and that’s when inspiration struck!  I could start blogging about something I was already doing!  So I did!  I started my blog, The Crazy Shopping Cart, and began to teach people how to coupon and save.  It was hard, and it took a lot of time, but eventually I started making some money from it!

One day, I came home from a particularly amazing couponing trip where I'd saved 80% off my groceries. Click To Tweet

Couponing has blessed my life in several ways.  It helped me tighten my budget so I could afford to be a SAHM, as well as earn some money to help our family grow and allow me to keep staying at home.  (It also helps me keep my sanity with something tangible to accomplish!)  In all honesty, though, being with my kids every day, watching them grow, has been the most amazing, incredible experiences of my life.  I wouldn’t trade my time with my kids for anything.

If using coupons is something you’d like to do to help with your finances so you can become a SAHM, but you’re still feeling nervous or overwhelmed about couponing, then you’re in good company!  I can’t count the number of times I received emails or Facebook messages from people who just feel lost with couponing.  To help them (and you!) get a firmer understanding, I’ve put together a free ebook:  it’s called “The Beginner’s Guide to Couponing,” and it walks you through all of the different steps I mentioned above.

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Thank you Tiffany! 

When thinking about learning something new and different, often times the hardest part is just getting started! So, like I always tell my son, when he has a large challenge in front of him, “Eat the frog first.” Then the rest of the project will be easy because you have done the hardest part first and gotten it done.

With couponing the hardest part is learning how to do it but after that it almost becomes a game to see how much you can save! I hope you will start today by visiting Tiffany’s site and grabbing her great guide!

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Save on Groceries with the Beginners Guide for Couponing

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