Trending Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for Mom.

This list of popular Christmas gift ideas for Mom or any lady on your list really, might help you starting thinking about Christmas early. Because it’s no fun trying to find “the perfect gift” 3 days before Christmas! 

Those in our Savvy Saver Tribe know a few ways to save money and one way is to purchase gifts through out the year and not wait until the last minute. We all know how easy it is to spend money when we are rushed to finish the Christmas checklist!

Below you will find 11 of the most popular gifts that are trending right now for Christmas according to Pinterest research. I was pleasantly surprised to see how unique they are this year. I think you will be too.

I’ve paired each popular gift with a meaningful way to say I love you too. Enjoy!

Pin this image to save for later. {I know, lunch breaks are never long enough! } Or download the list right now.  

11 of the most popular Christmas Gift Ideas in 2017! Mom is sure to loves these.

11 very popular Christmas gifts for her this year!

Gold Car Key Holder $13.59

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Mom will never need to search for her car keys again with this stylish key holder.

Loving touch idea. You can include a card with 5 Key ways Mom has influenced you or taught you key lessons in life.

Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer $49.95

This beautiful white wall hanging jewelry organizer holds 4 of her favorite images on the front and inside is velvet lined for her beautiful jewelry.

Loving touch idea.  Include 4 new family pictures that she hasn’t seen yet as a surprise when she opens her gift.


Calendar Holder $39.55

Personalized family calendars are extremely popular every year so coupling it with a beautiful holder just makes a wonderful gift combination.

Loving touch idea. Add a family calendar and mark all the family birthday’s and anniversaries on the calendar for her.

Single Cupcake Holder $5.99 

For the Queen in your life who loves cupcakes this whimsical cupcake holder is sure to bring her delight.

These Popular Christmas gifts for 2017 will be wonderful ideas for Mom!

Loving touch idea. Write out one reason why she is the Queen in your life.

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Car Purse Hooks $7.78

Every lady needs these handy car hooks to keep her purse handy and off the floor of the car. Finally, a real place to put that purse.

Loving touch idea. Include some car freshener’s and a car wash gift certificate to complete the car care package.

Hanging Succulents $21.90

This fresh decor will add a touch of beautiful to any corner of the home.

Loving touch idea. Give Mom a certificate for 3 free house cleaning days. You can make your own homemade certificate or hire a professional company. Either way, she will love the gift.

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If yours loved ones have been really good this year and have landed on the NICE list here are some extra special gifts that really are TRENDING this season.

High-end Headphones $229

For the gym, home or relaxing, these statement headphones really are in style.

Loving touch idea. Include a subscription to Audible so she can listen to any books that are interesting to her.

Monogrammed Mugs $99.95

These monogrammed copper mugs come as a set of 4. Each holds 18 oz.

Loving touch idea. Couple this gift with beautiful coasters from Pier 1. Maybe some spring colors for one set, summer themed for those warm outdoor parties, fall colors for that apple cider and white for Christmas time.

Turntables $286.99

This is sure to turn back the memories with this sleek cherry Turntable.

Loving touch idea. Look online, at some thrift stores or pawnshops for some amazing finds on some oldie but goodie records from the year your Mom graduated. The trip down memory lane will be fun for the whole family and she might even show you her dance moves!

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Trapeze Earrings $29.99

What list would be complete without jewelry right?

Loving touch idea. Write your Mom a letter about one memory you have of her wearing a piece of jewelry she use to wear that you loved as a child.

Tom Ford Nail Polish $62.48

The one and only Tom Ford luxury nail polish is very popular and for good reason.

Loving touch idea. Include a certificate to a concert or show at the theater where she can enjoy dressing up for the night and wearing her new nail polish.

And that is a wrap. Well, on the gift ideas anyway.

Download the list now and purchase later. 

But wait, I have more ideas for you on how to save money during the holidays too.

If you are new here, my whole focus on the blog is helping women be savvy savers and financially successful so here are some more awesome ideas for reducing the financial stress that many experience at Christmas time.

  • Have a budget. Write a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for and then total up how much you will spend on everyone.


  • Write a list of the food items and extra’s you will need to buy for company, parties, etc. See what you can buy ahead of time.


  • Buy your turkey and ham now, it’s much cheaper now! Throw it in the freezer until then.


  • Begin shopping now for Christmas gifts. Buy a couple gifts each week to help simplify the whole process.


  • Use up old gift cards that are laying around or hiding in the bottom of your purse, keeping old receipts company.


  • If you have built up reward money on your Credit Card, cash them in and use it only on Christmas gifts.


  • Use the app for the store you are shopping in and check for any % off coupons to add to your order.


  • If you plan to do some handmade gifts, begin now to make them.


  • Setup an appointment for family pictures now to avoid the rush fees and late fees.


  • Use the Amazon app to price compare by scanning the bar code. You’ll see which stores are close in price or if you are better off purchasing it through them.

Christmas time is a wonderful season that I love and it’s so much easier to really focus on family and friends when my shopping is completely out of the way and fully paid for before Christmas Day rolls around.

We always say, “Time flies” and for many of us who live far from family,this is never more true. It is a very meaningful time of year to be with the ones we love. Our gifts are an extension of that love but the gifts should not over burden us. So think back over your life time and remind yourself of the gifts that have meant the most to you. Usually, they aren’t the extravagant ones but the gifts that represent the most thought behind them.

What gifts can you give that show your heartfelt love this year?

Download the Gift List in two easy clicks. 

11 Christmas Gifts for Mom that are trending this year!

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