Beautiful Church Fellowship Hall Decorations on a Budget That Don’t Look Cheap.

I have so many good memories of events in our church fellowship hall. We did sweetheart banquets, birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions and other fun events. As I got older and began helping with decorating planning, and set up, the challenge was to make the room look different each time. You know what I mean, balloons can only look good for so long. Church fellowship decorations should bring life and excitement to the event you are having, so new ideas will keep everything fresh! But it isn’t always easy.

Here is what I’ve noticed with Church basements when it comes to decorating:


  • The size is nice, but the walls are boring!!


  • The lighting can be horrible!


  • Traffic flow can be crazy.


  • Backgrounds can be very cluttered or distracting.


These are sometimes difficult to get around because you can’t change the building!

White chrurch

Sometimes there is no light from any outside windows or you will have odd size windows to the outside which are very distracting and hard to decorate around. Then you have large entrance and exit doors which break up your wall space. This can be frustrating so the best thing to do is create a focus point at the best area in the room to distract from your high traffic areas. Color is really helpful at the focus Point.


Lighting is a big piece of your decorating that can be overlooked but when it’s done right adds a beautiful ambiance to the room. Just like when you walk into your favorite restaurant the lighting really sets the tone for your experience. I like to think of lighting first when decorating your church space because it helps set your budget correctly.

Up lighting in a few select key locations can really go a long way in transforming your event space.


Another key piece to planning a great event is thinking about pictures. Your event will be remembered by the pictures that your guests take and you can make it beautiful by creating a photo nook. Guests will enjoy snapping their own selfie’s or group photos in that location and if it’s decorated with the theme of your event they will always remember their special time.

I would recommend for reoccurring events that you include a way to incorporate the year somehow. Like for your Valentines banquet or Christmas party, it’s nice to know that it was from 2017 instead of guessing.


One of the best ways our ladies fellowship blessed our church events program was by raising money for the purchase of round tables. We had used the rectangular tables for many, many years. But when we bought the round tables a change happen that we weren’t expecting. Because round tables allow you to sit a crossed from everyone the conversation flows much better and lasts longer. You don’t talk to those people right next to you but to everyone at the table which is much nicer, especially when someone is shy or reserved. Your more talkative people will help carry the conversation for the whole table. Plus, they are also easier to decorate too in my opinion.


If you have found yourself in a decorating rut, it’s normal. But let’s look at some beautiful ways to decorate that same space so that you can bring some excitement back to your space.


For your food.

  • You can set your food, drinks, and desserts all on the same fellowship hall food table

This idea came from


  • Or you can divide the food, the drinks and the desserts into three separate spaces throughout the basement and by doing so you allow new opportunities for conversation to happen with other guests who are located in another area of the room.


A photo nook for pictures.

Ribbon backdrop

This nook was created using colored ribbon. You can transform a whole area using this as your backdrop. You can make a DIY photo prop frame for your special occasion or purchase some cute one here.

Beautiful backgrounds


Repeating a pattern over and over is very effective for a background. Even something simple like paper plates can give you a whole new look for your images.


You can purchase these backdrops in all kinds of colors here.

Backdrops for your photo booth, cake cutting area, head table, gift table etc. really make for a new nook that is great for group pictures. Everyone loves to post pictures from the event and this ensures a great representation of your church too.

Ceiling coverings

  • White lights add a beautiful ambiance to any room. I love walking into a romantic setting for Valentine Banquets and white string lights are perfect for adding to the room. At Christmas time I love to stock up on them from the dollar store or Walmart’s after Christmas sale. You can get them really cheaply then.

White gossamer for ceiling in church fellowship hall

  • Gossamer has a million uses and this looks beautiful over white lights. Buy the best rolls here.When you are finished with it, carefully take it down and fold it back up. You can store them in totes, rather than on the roll. You will be able to use it again and again if you take good care of it by storing the gossamer in a dry place.

Wall space

Green wreaths for decorations

photo from

Wreaths are a very simple and beautiful way to add beauty to any wall space or head table. Just by using a simple large hoop like this one.
These are SO nice because you can fill up a really large space will a group of simple 36in. hoop, decorate it with greenery from your yard and then hang them with fishing line. It totally transforms the wall and it’s a really savvy way, which is wonderful!

Large balloons

Balloons can transform a room for a modern, edgy feel, if you are using the right kind.

Pink jumbo balloons for a brunchImage source.

Bridal showers and birthday party’s can really be fun when you add these Instagram worthy balloons! They come in so many colors and when you through in an interesting tail, you are all set to go. Just call your local Dollar Tree and ask if they fill helium balloons, it’s usually only $1 to have them filled. You can purchase the best jumbo latex balloons here.

Glass bowls

Glass bowls can be used for so many different center pieces and decorations. We have picked up some very nice selections from the Dollar Tree and the thrift store. If you select enough for all your tables you can use them over and over again.

Mix them up with one unique piece for a very striking look.

Find this bowl here.


floating candles on mirror centerpiece

We used these mirrors so much! They look beautiful under the 3 glass setup, flowers, and just about anything else you want to put on them.

  • Round tables

Round table

We love using these Lifetime round tables. You can seat 8 people to one table and the conversation just flows so much nicer at these tables, rather than the rectangle tables most churches have. The legs on these fold up and I highly recommend you get a storage cart too. Then they will not roll around and hurt someone when they are stored.

  • Mason Jars


  • Tree stumps


This rustic, frugal idea is simple to make. Just ask anyone of the men in the church to cut you some logs. Just be sure to give specific sizes to them because most men have no idea what you are doing and you might just end up with some huge logs! 🙂

  • Uplighting

By adding several units of lighting to your decorating arsenal you can really change the mood for any room. You will be able to eliminate the overhead lights which often give off a tungsten or yellowish light. This will be a big plus! With uplight’s you can then select any color you want to give off in the room and it will totally transform everything!


For a set you can purchase them here.

  • Tea lights

You can do so much with tea lights! When you want to coordinate them more with your theme just grab some washi tape and you are all set to go!


  • Ice Creations

Ice bowls are a unique way to add a flare to your event. Whatever you are celebrating can be implemented into the water when it freezes for a custom look. Just boil your water before you put it in the freezer, then it will be clear. Otherwise tap water will be very cloudy and you will not be able to see the decorations that are inside your creation.


I hope to give some inspiration for your next event and help you turn your church fellowship hall into a space that’s beautiful and creative. Be sure to follow our Pinterest board for church fellowship hall decorations! There are so many more ideas there too.

decorations on the table

What ways have you found to decorate your church fellowship hall? Comment below because I’d love to know!!


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