You Can Thank Me Later – 4 Tips about Car Insurance You Need to Know

The Modern Way to Do Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance.

Saving Money on Car Insurance can be easy if you follow these steps. Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance is the way to save money but usually it's time consuming! Don't waist your time doing it the hard way. Use this method instead.

It had grey interior with the shiftier on console . The two door, green Oldsmobile Achieva was my first car and I loved it. I found it myself, paid for it myself, insured it myself and was pretty proud of my purchase at 19 years old. She got me all over the place until I got married and had to move.

It was just a ride but she meant so much to me, my first big step of independence, my adult step into the world and the reality that fun toys also cost big money.

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Adult life also meant paying the insurance bill that was due every month. { As I’ve gotten more savvy I now know paying my bill in full or at least two installments, can save a good chunk too. }

Now, just a few short years later, haha, who am I kidding! Time flies ladies! That was 15 years ago for me now. I’ve had to insure several vehicles since then and guess what? I don’t enjoy the process.

As Mrs Savvy Saver I have a driving need to know I am getting the absolute best deal for my insurance!! {I want to shop sales like Black Friday deals everyday!}  So I have always compared companies in search of a good deal and let me tell you what, it pays to check! It will pay to look around and see what options you have for auto insurance. Click To Tweet

Gone are the days of being faithful to the same company. Each year most companies raises their rates, even if you have been a good customer and didn’t file a claim.

Yes, but it’s such a headache you say, guess what?

I have found the easiest way to do any comparison shopping is with  It’s so easy you can do it on your phone too. This step by step is from a laptop but you will get the idea.

Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance the Easy Way


Saving Money on Car Insurance can be easy if you follow these steps. Comparison Shopping is the way to save money but usually it's time consuming! Don't waist your time doing it the hard way. Use this method instead.

Step 1. Zip Code of Your Garage.


Your first screen finds out what city and state you are in. THANK YOU. Finally, a company that doesn’t make me type in my whole city and state when all it takes is 5 digits to get the same info.


Step 2. Car Information

Next the boring car info but hey, even this is just the click of a button to select your make and model. Super easy on your phone too.


Each step gives you a little bit more info on the left hand side. You can see how much your estimated savings will be too. I told you it was like Black Friday sales!

Step 3. Your Information

Then of course you need to tell them about your personal info. This only takes a few minutes.

Step 4. Your Quote

This is the best part. Your quote. Here you can compare these rates against what you are paying now.

Be sure to get the best coverage by knowing these 4 points too. It really doesn’t get any easier than this for comparing your car insurance options. I’ve tried!

One piece of advice I read once was “Save money in the big spending categories.” Not just a few coupons here or there.

I also recommend that you compare your policies every three years. Rate change, your life changes, vehicles change and that all effects how much leaves your account so be sure to run the numbers every three years.

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to make some changes! Every single day your financial future is in your hands. Be wise, be frugal and save. Check out and compare.

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