Have you ever been lied to by someone?

It totally changes the whole relationship doesn’t it? A good friendship suddenly turns sour. But because I value your trust in my blog here is a little bit about what goes on behind the scene. I want you to know the truth.

The FTC.

The FTC works to protect the American consumer from frauds. They also have the ability to sue companies who do not obey the laws in place, I therefore do not want to ever be sued. { e.i. lose lots of my hard earned money. which is the opposite of what I encourage Savvy Saver’s to do. }


When I recommend a product, service or company to you through my blog, I might be receiving a commission from them, even though my recommendations to you will be completely honest as to the pros and the cons.

Making Money

This is how making money with a blog works. Some bloggers make $30 or $40 a month, some make $1000s and some even make millions. Such as The Huffington Post which makes over $2,000,000 per month. Yes, you read that right!

Therefore, I do make money through this blog, and I appreciate it when you use the companies I recommend. This allows me to share more valuable information with you and your friends about how to be a Savvy Saver and grow your Networth.

Your Benefit.

Because you are a reader of Mrs Savvy Saver you are exposed to ways to save money and companies that also help you keep or make more from your hard earned dollars by exposing yourself to new products.Think of this like your Cliff Notes of financial information. 🙂

Thank You

I’m glad you are reading my blog and just want to say Thank You for your interest in being a Savvy Saver! I hope you will join our incredible newsletter and stay in touch!

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