Dreams Turned Into Reality

I looked forward to the weekends all week long. I longed for holidays so that I could be home and finally after my Prince Charming completed college and seminary my dream of becoming a Stay at Home Wife because a reality.


You may be dreaming of something you desperately want to do as well. But how do you turn that dream into your living, breathing, daily reality? Keep reading to learn my 3 steps for turning dreams into reality.

  1. What will This Cost?


For example,if you dream of getting a degree, it will cost you. If you dream of starting a blog, it will cost you. If you dream of taking a vacation to Ireland, it will cost you. If you dream of being debt free, it will cost you. So the very first thing I did when we transitioned to my being a SAHW was to work on our Budget. Not only do you need to see the day to day picture, which a budget will help you do. You also need to see the grand picture. Not just how much money it will cost but what will it cost you per hour? This really helps you evaluate your time too.


This formula works for every dream you have!


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2. How long will it take?


Time. It’s the element that is fleeting. We only have 24 hours a day. We only have 7 days a week, 168 hours in a week and we only have 1440 minutes in our day. We must use them wisely! The best tool I’ve learned for using my time more productively is to break my whole day into 15 minute blocks. Follow me on this.

24 hours x 7 days = 168 Hours a week.

8 hours of sleep x7 days = 56 Hours a week

This leaves 112 hours left in our week.

If you are working 40 hours a week this still leaves you with

72 hours that are YOURS! 72 Hours!! That is a lot of time to accomplish your goal! So if you are breaking your time into 15 minute sections you’ll maximize that time to accomplish what you want.

So how long will your goal take? 4 years of college? 1 year until you want to take that vacation? Pay off your debt in 3 years?

Now you just divide that further into months, weeks and days. Then you will have your DAILY time cost.

3. Who’s Help Will I Need?


We are not islands unto ourselves. Not a single one of us because we are all part of a greater framework. Our decisions affect others and others affect our lives.

But when we have a great big dream we will need the help of others. So begin a list of who we need to enlist to help us reach our goal.

Going back to the college degree dream you may need to talk with your parents, your school counselor about your credits, the college loan officer about loans and grants, and put in applications to for work while you are attending college. This list will help pave the way for accomplishing your goal!


So don’t wait! Your dream can turn into reality!






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