15 Fabulous and Easy Easter Treats

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is my favorite and most meaningful observance. It’s not as rushed and crazy as Christmas, which I do love, don’t get me wrong. But Easter comes without the commercialization that dominates the birth of Christ.

Each Easter we often have a table full of guests celebrating with us. Our family is not close by but having our church family surrounding us, laughing with us and celebrating the day is a great encouragement and one that I look forward to each year. Hospitality has been a journey for me. At first I was scared to death to think about having others over. I doubted my cooking skills, my conversation abilities and what about my house?!!? It was scary to think about all that needed to be done before I felt ready!! But I also saw hospitality as the best way to grow friendships.

I began reading books about it, warming myself up to the idea of actually having guests in my home. Then we began having one or two people over at a time. We served simple food because I was just to nervous to do anything special. The more and more we did it, I began to see patterns and ways I could improve next time. Over the years we have had 100s of people flowing through out home and each time I’ve learned something that helps me host a better meal which leads to wonderful and amazing conversations.

The meal is really just the stepping stone to fostering an environment of love, conversation and deeper connections.

A few tips I’ve learned along the way are:

  • Plan your menu out 2 weeks before so you can shop before the rush.
  • Set the table on Saturday. This helps you visualize how many people will be there and it saves you time on Sunday afternoon.
  • Decorate your front door so it’s inviting to your guests even before they enter.
  • Use your crock pot! This little thing helps you prepare the food ahead of time and gives you plenty of time to clean up your mess and then all you need to do is dish out that amazing meal when your are ready to eat!!
  • Set all your serving dishes out on Saturday with the serving utensils. You won’t be scurrying around trying to find anything when your guest are arriving.
  • Have pandora playing in the background. No one wants to be the loudest person in the room so a quiet room tends to stay quit but a room with background noise will encourage others to talk.
  • Set snacks out in the living room where guests will be sitting at while they wait. They will love to munch on something.

Which is exactly why I’ve got an amazing list of Easy Easter Treat for you all! Be brave my friend. You can do it!!

May you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter this year!

All the directions are at amandascookin.com/rice-krispie-nests/

All the directions are at joyfoodsunshine.com/no-bake-chocolate-peanut-butter-cookies/

All the directions are at www.kidandkinblog.com/2017/03/20/mini-lemon-flower-tarts/

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Easter treats on a plate and cookies

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