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Traveling Hacking at it's best! This is worth Pinning using. Traveling free doesn't sound possible but it really is and Serena shows us exactly how to in this great post at

First stop China, then Thailand, maybe Japan next. Oh, my dreams were big! Traveling the world was on my to do list when I grew up. At age 14 I figured the best was to accomplish that would be to be a stewardess. But at last, that dream never came true…

But in recent days I’ve been thinking about it since meeting Serena. Well, the traveling part, not the stewarding job 🙂

These are some amazing ways to fly for FREE and really, really cheap! Pin this article because you will need it again!! Let me introduce your to Serena!

Serena from “Serena on the GO” is an avid FREE flyer who fell in love with travel while serving in the Army.  Her and her family fly all over the world free and she never stops seeking new “hacks” & travel deals!  Her love of writing and traveling has merged into a blog that teaches others how to fly FREE, and shows others how she plans to retire by 40 by full-time blogging!

So Serena, you travel using some amazing tricks that snag you free or really cheap deals. Can you tell us how you began?


I’d love to!  It really began as an accident.  My husband was an “online find” (haha), we met through a single parent website back in early 2005 and had to find ways to travel between Chicago and Seattle to see each other. After a year of long distance dating and never going over 2 weeks without seeing one another, we learned we each loved to travel and had been to many places. In the beginning of our marriage, we spent a ridiculous amount of money paying for airline tickets, hotels and a cruise.  I’m a blog addict, one random Friday night while internet surfing I stumbled upon other avid travelers who were using credit card sign up bonuses and miles/point collecting to get their flights free. That night that I set out to follow their example and read everything I could about “travel hacking” and miles/points collecting; that’s how it started!

What places have you traveled?


Gosh, way too many to list!  I’ve been everywhere from Seattle, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Jamaica, Germany and in between.  We make frequent $11 flights to Chicago, $5 flights to Seattle, and I’m taking my best girlfriend to Cancun, Mexico for $90. My husband and I are flying First Class to Miami in March for $22, and my family is headed to Tokyo, Japan next summer for under $300!

How does someone start Travel Hacking?

Travel hacking information can be found all over the internet; however, it’s also very confusing and can make your head spin!  To avoid making anyone’s head spin I dedicated an entire blog series called “So, you want to learn how to fly free? You’re in the right place! Start here!”  This blog series takes a wannabe travel hacker through the basic steps of signing up for airline and hotel loyalty programs, checking their credit, learning how to earn miles and points, and most importantly, learning how to maneuver airline partnerships against each other to get the best award ticket for the cheapest amount of miles and points!

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Does this apply only to flights?

Nope, this applies to both flights AND hotels!  In fact, one of my favorite travel “hack” deals was through Hyatt.  My best girlfriend and I are staying 5 days at the beachfront, All-Inclusive, Adult-Only, Hyatt Zilara in Cancun, Mexico FREE!  This includes all accommodations, food and drinks!  This trip was earned as a credit card sign up bonus. I earned 2 nights free with the Hyatt Visa card, then the additional 2 nights I was able to transfer points from Chase Ulitmate Rewards; these were earned using my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa card on everyday spending.

Can you use this to fly Internationally as well?

Yes, and this is actually the most lucrative way to use free airfare and to fly first class! The trick is to leverage partner airlines to make reservations.  Here’s why: Any airline can book award tickets for another airline in their partnership; the airline you use to BOOK your tickets charges THEIR own award “price” (miles or points) despite the fact you are not flying on their airline. Some great international deal examples are using Air France to book a flight to Europe on Delta or booking a flight through Virgin Atlantic to fly on Air China to Beijing!


What is your favorite deal you have done yourself?

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and finally am!  My husband, daughter and I are flying roundtrip to Maui for a TOTAL of $33.  These airline tickets were booked through Korean Airlines to fly Delta because these two airlines are partners.  Korean Airlines has a steeply discounted award price schedule that allows cheap flights to Hawaii!

Do you have a trip on your bucket list that you are planning for in
the future?

Oh, the places I could go!  My list is, unfortunately longer than my vacation time at work allows. This is exactly why I’m striving to earn a full time income blogging.  I’d love to be able to travel to all the destinations on my bucket list. One day I’ll get to the Maldives, Turks & Caicos, Greece, New England, India and Dubai.


Where can Savvy Saver’s find out more about you and your travel
hacking wisdom?


You can find me all over the web and I’d love to have you join me on this journey!

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Thank you so much Serena for sharing such amazing information with us!

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