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Freelance Writer Testimonial and Busy Stay at Home Mom.

Being able to earn an income while being a stay at home Mom is so much easier now than it was even 20 years ago. This series of stories of amazing women has been an inspiration to me and I hope to you as well! If you haven’t read Tiffany’s story, Taquila’s story or Ashley’s story be sure you do today.

Today’s guest post from Lisa is a story of sheer determination and grit! She is a stay at home Mom of 8 kids and has her own freelance writing business! Wow! You know she is one very busy lady!! My hat is off to you Lisa! I love her freelancer writer testimonial and hope you will see that it is possible to be a full time stay at home Mom using some of her practical advice.

Freelance Writer Testimonial and Stay at Home Mom – Lisa’s Story


When I left teaching in 2012, my family lost two-thirds of our income. Me not going to work each day definitely impacted the budget!

Cutting our income this low seemed crazy to many people, but it was the right move for our family. Through the grace of God, careful planning, and a do-what-it-takes attitude, I’ve now been at home for five years. In that time we’ve added three children to the family (for a total of 8). It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m so thankful to be home.

Here’s a peek at how we overcame the obstacles, and made me staying at home a reality.  

Freelance Writing for SAHM's

Get Real with Your Finances

It’s nearly impossible to guess what you need to live each month. So, sit down and get real with your financial situation. Figure out what you need by looking at your past expenses and current debts.

Once we wrote down everything, we started playing with the numbers. We took my husband’s income, and started subtracting things out of it. At first, it seemed impossible. There just wasn’t enough money to make it through all the bills. We had too much debt.

So, we made a decision. I know this goes against what most financial gurus say, but I opted to cash out my retirement fund. It wasn’t a huge amount after only seven years in the classroom, but it was enough to pay off all our debt except my massive student loans.

Once we had those smaller debts out of the equation, the math on a single income started working. It gave us the wiggle room we needed.

Cut Back the Spending

After buying the essentials and paying the bills each month, there wasn’t much left. So, we cut our expenses drastically. We called companies to negotiate better rates, cut the entertainment and eating out budgets, and reduced our spending on groceries, clothing, household supplies, and more.


It’s not easy not going out to eat. Or not being able to buy something I wanted. I had to learn to be content.

I knew the alternative was me going back to work. And I didn’t want that. Since my attitude always got reflected back to me from all the kids, I had to change. I found ways to be happy where we were, with what we had. We started building memories with the kids, enjoying being at home, together.

We play games together. We snuggle on the couch and watch movies together. When the weather’s nice, we head outside and explore the ranch. I’ve learned I don’t have to go anywhere or spend money to have fun. Contentment plays a key role in my ability to stay home.

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Cut Living Expenses

Some lifestyles won’t work on a single income. We had to get creative to ensure ours would. Our living expenses were already low, because we were living in my Grandmother’s house, on the family ranch.

We started raising more of our own food. I got my first milk cow the summer I stopped teaching. Even though it costs money to raise animals, it gave us better quality for less. When you butcher a cow, you get steaks, roasts, and more for the same price per pound of ground beef.

Along with the cows, we’ve now got a farm full of other critters for food. To keep costs low, I’ve learned to butcher the smaller animals with the help of my family. It’s not my favorite task, but it beats paying for someone else to do it.

Freelance Writing for Stay at Home Mom's. Her story shows you how it can be done!

DIY Attitude

This DIY attitude, and willingness to learn new things has also been crucial to making it on a single income. When something breaks, the money to fix it isn’t always there. So my husband and I started watching YouTube videos.

We worked together to fix our washing machine and other appliances, and complete many of our own car repairs. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try something new when you’re trying to save money.

Not everything we try works out. But, we’ve learned to be pretty good judges on what we can and can’t try on our own. Every home completed repair saves money!

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My grandparents lived through the depression. They rarely threw anything away! Everything was kept, just in case. And you know what?

The same is true today. When you’re out of money, you really look at what you can do with what you have. For instance, one-month money was really tight. One of the kids had a birthday coming up, and we weren’t sure what we could afford. So, we took a walk around the ranch to see what we could find.

We used an old board, a piece of rope, and a tire to make a teeter-totter. It was a hit, and it’s still being used all these years later!

Necessity drives innovation, so take what you have and make what you need. A little bit of creativity never hurt!

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Increase the Income

After three years on a single income, we were well below the poverty line. You can only cut expenses so far, so at some point the other end of the equation needs to change. Back then, my husband was working over an hour away from home. He had a long commute on top of a long work day. He went to work before the kids woke up, and got home after they were in bed.

I knew we needed more time together. But, I wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen. So, I started researching ways to earn money from home. I stumbled upon freelance writing, and launched my business in July of 2015.

Since then, my husband has been able to take a lower paying, but local job. My income has replaced the gap, and given us a little extra occasionally. It’s helped us not feel so broke, even though we’re still a low-income family. I’m planning to keep growing my business, and finally paying off our final remaining debt!

Rewards of Being Home

I love being home for my family! Homeschooling has been a great fit for us, and I enjoy being the one to see all of our kids’ firsts.

Additionally, our oldest son has Angelman Syndrome, and a host of medical needs. I have the flexibility to take him to appointments, and don’t have to worry about taking a day off of work when he has a bad day or night.

I’m very thankful to be home, and find it’s definitely worth the sacrifices to make it happen.

Wow! Isn’t she amazing! Be sure to visit her website and social hangouts and if you need a freelance writer just send her a message.


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