Gift Ideas When You are Broke

“If only I had more money I would be able to be generous.” Sometimes we fall into this trap of thinking money is what we need to be a giving person but I want to challenge that thought.


While on a missions trip to Costa Rica to minister to school children we were in a very humble school. The kids and staff begged us to stay for lunch that they had prepared for us. This meant the kids were going without their lunch so they could serve it to us. As we sat down to miss matched bowls and plastic cups are hearts were incredible touched. The children respectfully served each one of us a soup of broth and rice yet we felt like absolutely royalty.

Their generous attitude flowed through their smiles, gentleness and selflessness.


We can be generous with our many resources too if only we do a little attitude adjusting and think about ways we can be generous.


  1. Gifts


When it comes to giving a gift to a friend or someone in our church we usually think, “What can I buy them?” But this is often an easy out because we just run to the store and grab something that looks pretty. But do we REALLY know them well enough to make them something they will truly enjoy? Do you know what their favorite meal is and can make it and take it to them?


This shows that you are actually listening to them when they talk. If you begin listening and writing down what they mention in conversations, it’s amazing the amount of information you can gather for gift ideas.


In one conversation my friend off handedly said, “I love to laugh!” When she had a bouncing baby boy I wrote funny notes on a whole package of diapers and gave them to her at her shower. Every time she uses them, she has something personal from me that made her laugh. She loved the gift!


Each time I hear some one in my family mention something I will add it to the Christmas wish list and when it comes time for Christmas I save myself a lot of hassle trying to come up with ideas! I already have them and I know they will LOVE them because they already told me what they were!!


  1. Time


In our very social media saturated age, face to face time with friends and family is becoming more rare. But we all crave real connection with living, breathing people! So be generous with your time.


Invite a friend over for a coffee date and chat.


If they like crafts, have a craft night together making cards or something simple.


When the weather is balmy and warm invite them to go on a hike outside with you at a local park.


Don’t forget your spouse!

Because my Prince Charming is still my best friend spending time with him is very important to me but with kids that can be very expensive to hire a babysitter each time we want to go out.


So instead we have an agreement with some friends that we trade date nights. We watch their kids when they go out and via versa. With the nation average of $10 per hour for a baby sitter x 3 hours every other week that is a savings of over $750 in one year!


  1. Cards


A handwritten note is almost non existent in today’s day and age. It is easier and faster to write an email and send it off but there is something beautiful about receiving a note written with ink on actual paper! When you receive a handwritten note itt brings joy to the soul to know, they thought about you, they took time out of their day to write it and then mail it, all because you are special!


You can be as creative or as simple as you want. Sometimes I doodle on the pages, sometimes I just write a short note or sometimes I decorate the envelope with drawings or address it in a pretty manor. No matter how you decide to emelish your card, it will be a real treat to your chosen recipient.


  1. A Phone call.


A simple, “Hi, I called to check on you and see how you are doing.” Goes a very long way to warm someone’s heart and it doesn’t cost a ton of money either! This is very true for those who are in the older generation. My Grandparents do not have a computer or smartphone and so when I call, I’m able to catch them up on the grandkids and what is going on in our lives, 8 hours away from them. It brightens their slow and simple life more than we can understand in our rushed and often crazy life!


How about you? What are some ways you are generous with your heart attitude? Comment below, I would love to hear what you think! It’s a simple way to be generous without costing you a cent!




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