How I Spend $170 on Groceries for a Month

How long can you go with out food without turning into a miserable bear? Well, for me, it doesn’t take very long! I like food. I need food. I like to eat at least 3 times a day and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this!

So 3 meals times 365 days a year is 1095 meals to make and buy for EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR!!

Wow, no wonder I feel like I’m always looking at recipes. But if you want to save money towards your dream goal and not spend it all at the grocery store keep reading!

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture groceries for a family of four can cost between $578 on a very thrift plan up to 1107.01 on a liberal plan and this is per month.

But I’m going to show you how I shop for our family of three and spend $170 for the month!


My secret weapon for saving on the food budget category is my Amazing Meal Plan. Ugh, you say, that sounds so boring! Well, just hear me out, please, you wont regret it!


One of my LIGHT BULB moments was when I decided to make a meal plan and REPEAT it each month! Who says you have to eat new dishes every single night.


I created this simple Amazing Menu Plan sheet and spent about 2 hours working on meals for one month. I’m not talking just tacos, spaghetti, pizza, subs and beans and rice but real meals in the crockpot or warm casseroles in the oven. Yummy meals that make your family say, “Oh, that smells good! I’m hungry.”   Then each month after that I just repeat the same meal plan. It has been SO freeing for me! Here are some of the benefits I’ve found.

Grab your FREE Amazing Menu Plan sheet here.

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My Story

We are eating much healthier.

We eat at home a lot more.

We are saving money at the grocery store.

I know what to cook for supper, no stressing out at the last minute.

I have flexibility with what we have depending on my day.

All the ingredients are in my cupboards.

It saves me “running by the store” to grab one or two items for a meal.

I feel like Super Momma!!


As I worked on my meal plan I went through and printed off every single recipe and put it with my Amazing Monthly Plan. I don’t have to go back and find that recipe when I need it!! I also numbered each day of meals and then corresponded that recipe with that number. 16th day has recipe 16, 16a and 16b. A and b are side dishes and desserts if I want something to go with that meal. It is so simple!!


Now, when it’s grocery shopping time I simple go through all the recipes and compare that to what I have already stocked up in the cupboard and make my list. Shopping is much less stressful because I know I’m making meals and I’m able to shop for a month at a time. That being said, I do still shop almost once a week for the produce. That just doesn’t last for a month!


This has literally CHANGED my outlook on meals and saved us so much at the store. Last month I spent under $170 on groceries for our family of 3.

Download your FREE  Amazing Monthly Plan today and start saving on your grocery bill!

What area do you have the hardest part saving money in when you shop for groceries? Snacks, drinks, fresh food? I’d love to know so comment below. I read each and every one!!

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