How to Financially Prepare to be a Stay at Home Mom

How to Financially Prepare to be a Stay at Home Mom.

Have you dreamed of being a Stay at Home Mom with your precious newborn baby? Or do your kiddos really need more Mommy time instead of daycare time? Does your heart hurt to say goodbye to them each day? Do you want to be there for every morning hug and bedtime kiss?


Have you thought about coming home but doubts swirl through your mind each time you consider your budget? Being financially prepared is critical to coming home. But don’t let this hold you back! Grab your calculator sister, because we are going to crunch some numbers, look at options and see that your dream actually might be reality! Even if you are a single parent!

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I Wrote a Guide Just for You.

I write this from experience and I want you to be able to come home too, if that is your dream. I’ve watched friends make the change and I personally have made the switch too. It can be done! You do have many options and I hope to shed some light on how you can make the changes.

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How to Quit Working and Stay at Home

Steps to Financially Prepare to be a Stay at Home Mom.

When I quite my well paying job we still had some school loan debt to pay and we lived on $20,000. We were young, we didn’t have 6 months of living expenses saved up, a full retirement plan or some other things that you “should” have in place but we knew the time was right for us, we had prayed over the decision and we did have a plan in place.


After 8 years of waiting for kids, my son was born and when they placed his little body in my arms, I knew I could never spend my weeks apart from him.


Being a SAHM has so many wonderful benefits that I desired to have. I recognize, this may not be everyone’s goal which is fine, but I’m not writing this guide for that Mom.


I absolutely love being the first one to see their happy little faces in the mornings, I enjoy playing games with my older son, I enjoy the routine of life we share together. Yes, some days are harder than others and we have our discipline issues that aren’t fun but I’m the best person to mold their character because I love them the most.


Seeing them grow and reach milestones thrills my heart and I wouldn’t take money over actually being there, in the moment, to see them achieve higher levels of maturity. It’s a gift to be their Mom.

Full Time SAHM

No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.  —Sarah Josepha Hale


Thinking Right.

But first, being a stay at home Mom {SAHM} does not mean you don’t work anymore. Let’s dismiss that notion right now. As a SAHM my life is very full and busy being the CEO of our house. I have a planner for my home and my day is divided up into 15 minute segments. I watch the clock like a hawk because time is a commodity I can never regain. My aim is to use my 24 hours wisely and productively.


Secondly, money is required to live and you may not have the option to live just on a spouse’s income. We will tackle that too.


So Mom’s, if you long to be a SAHM here are some ideas to think about. This may require some creative thinking and an opened mind but my goal is to help you look at the many possibilities because let’s face it, not everyone thinks you should leave a steady paycheck and come home. But armed with some fact, you can confidently make a wise move home.

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The very first step in knowing whether you can come home is to know your budget inside and out.

How to Quit Work for Stay at Home Mom. This is the only step by step Guide to help you make the transition.

This requires more than knowing about what you spend or just having a rough idea based on your bank account totals.


You must know:

What your expenses are for the year?

What your weekly income and expenses are?

What your extra spending is for each year?

What your insurance needs are for the whole family?

What your retirement goals need?

What your vacation spending looks like each year?


Secondly, what expenses might you be able to cut by being a SAHM?

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Cutting Back.

Here are some expenses that you would eliminate from your budget.


Gas for work. $1500 a year.

Higher insurance. $100 a year due to less driving.

Clothes for work. $500 or more a year.

Eating out for lunch. $2500 a year.

Hair styling $900

Daycare for one child. $7200

Extra for work trips your job may require.


This would be a savings of $12,700 a year.


For our example, let’s say you make the national average of $30,240. By saving $12,700 as a SAHM you now need $17,540 to make up the difference of income.

This is only $350.80 a week, for 50 weeks that you need to supply.

Trade Your 9-5 for Stay at Home Mom

On the other hand, being at home also gives you more time to handle matters thoroughly.

I’ve been able to save our family at least $3,600 in groceries a year because of my meal planning and food preparation at home. I’ve saved us over $600 in the insurance category and $1200 in the cell phone slot as well. I also have more time to focus on our retirement needs and strategies to build our retirement. All of these areas really do add up.


Thirdly, making money at home.


You most certainly can make money from home or out of your home but this does require a can do attitude.


Having a job that you go to each day offers a paycheck that is the same each week. It is a set amount which you can count on.But consider the true fact that having your own business allows you to make as much as you are willing to work for. There is no cap on your income!


You can make the same amount as before and often times, much more by working for yourself. So how can you make up that difference of $346 a week or $69.20 a day.


You may not be interested in creating a business for yourself and that is fine too. A steady paycheck may just fit your needs and personality better, so don’t worry. I have you covered there too.


I’ve created a “Trade Your 9-5 for Stay-at-Home Mom” which includes:


The Mommy Mindset

The Spouse Talk

Budget Breakthrough

Preparation Pathway

Insurance Options

Ways to Make Money

Debt Dilemma

Mommy Manager Binder

Mommy Support Groups

Trade your 9-5 for Stay-at-Home Mom. Everything you need to know and do before quitting work and coming home.

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Trade Your 9-5 for Stay at Home Mom

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