Is Your Budget Holding You Hostage?


It hit me as I stared at the numbers in my budget, I’m paying bills with my money but these categories don’t really reflex my values!

This isn’t how I WANT to be spending my money.


I want to GIVE more.

I want to INVEST in my home through maintenance and upkeep.

I want to BE generous to my church and missions.

I want to be able to HELP others in need.

I want to TRAVEL.

I want to SAVE more money.

Yet, as I stared at my budget categories they were not reflecting my values and desires.




Because when I established my budget DEBT was a large part of my expenses. College debt will do that to you when you are young!!


Life has a way of changing slowly on us and we are so caught up in the here and now that we don’t realize it. That is exactly what had happen to me and I hadn’t taken the time to re-adjust my budget categories to reflect the shift in my life.

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It took this moment of realization to change my thinking. As I began readjusting my figures and working on making my budget suit me I started to get excited! I was able to see life in a new and refreshing way!


So my question to you today is what are your values?


Spending more time with your family?


Traveling more?


Giving to others?


Saving for the future?


Is your budget reflecting that right now?


Maybe it’s time to do some soul searching and see if you can cut out some categories that don’t lineup with your values. Rearranging money and categories to benefit you and what you really want doesn’t take much time but it’s so freeing when you do! Maybe you need to have a heart to heart with your spouse about what values you want to focus on.


You will find that by aligning your values with your budget life will become much fuller and joyful! Your budget won’t be holding you hostage anymore with useless or inefficient categories.


Tell me in the comments below, what category are you going to change today? I read each and every comment!! J





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