My $1140 Decision

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I was 17 years old. My Dad had said I needed to practice driving for one year before I could get my license. He patiently taught me over the course of a year and then the day came for my driving test and I passed!

I could drive all by myself!

But my new found freedom still gave my parents pause. A young girl on her own, in a great big world, with no way to contact her. 

So off we went to buy a new gadget called a cellphone! You know the kind that had real buttons and it dialed when you hit “enter”. It didn’t even have text messaging!! Gasp!! 

Over the years the cost of having a cellphone has increased to a  crazy level. It’s not uncommon to have a bill of $140 a month for just one smart phone! 

Ugh! As I got older the cellphone bill became my responsibility and I got tired of paying so much for our phones so I set out to figure something to fix this expense. 

So how can you be a Savvy Saver on your phone bill? About 5 years ago I switched to using Straight Talk. Here is how you can save too! 

I selected the phone that I wanted from their wide variety which you can see on their site. 

Then I had to select which plan would work for me. Since I call my family in NY often it was nice to switch to accompany that offered unlimited calling. Now that isn’t such a big deal now but it was when I signed up! 

Now I also have unlimited calling, unlimited texting and unlimited data. Yes, this is a big deal!! 

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Straight Talk does provide all of this for $45.00 a month even without a contract which is another feature I really like. And because I have signed up for auto billing it even takes a little off and I pay $43.43 each month.

I do have to say the one thing that I do have to watch is on the auto pay setup it bills you “the day before your last payment ” so each month it changes. So if you sign up on the 10th next month it will charge you on the 9th and the next month on the 8th etc. which can be an issue if it crosses over your pay week into a different pay week. Just a word to the wise as your work it into your budget . 

Now if you are an Android lover you might want to look at Republic Wireless. Starting at $20 a month this is an amazing saving for your cellphone bill category. The genuine of  their philosophy structure is they use Wifi whenever possible and thereby saving your data. 

Take a little time to look around their site and see if you could start saving $$$ today!

If your bill is $140 per month now, that is $1680 a year for one cellphone bill. But if you dropped that down to $45 per month your savings would be $1140!

Don’t spend anymore on your cellphone bill than is necessary!!

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