Spending Your Million Dollars.

How are you spending your million dollars?

What Million Dollars you might ask?!!!

I WISH I had a million dollars!!!


The truth is you will spend over $1,000,000 in your lifetime but did you realize it?


According to reporting by www.cencus.com in 2014, if you are a single working person your average income is $34,940. Let’s say you start working at 20 and don’t retire until 65, that would be 45 working years.


Hopefully you wouldn’t be stuck at that income level for your entire life, but for illustrations sake you are. Now multiply that figure by 45 working years and you will have made $1,572,300.


$1,572,300!!!! Can you believe that!!


The truth is, you probably will handle over a million dollars in your lifetime. But the real question is will you handle it well?


The biggest difference to saving your money or wasting it, I believe is your mental approach to your money. You have 100% control over your mental approach and learning more about managing it is your first step in holding onto more of your hard earned dollars.


Now, I’m not just talking about watching every dollar that comes in and saving it aside for the future by living in a hut in the woods. I’m talking about learning to save and invest your money. This two pronged approach is how to create MORE from what you already bring home. Many, many people simple say, “I don’t know how” and STOP right there!  Don’t be foolish! Start learning HOW!


If you want to retain more of your million dollars lets make some changes today to be a Savvy Saver!

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