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  • Do you hate the word budgeting more than a mouse in the pantry?
  • Do you avoid opening the credit card bill each month because it scares you each time? 
  • Is payday always to far away? 
  • Is your savings account empty most of the time?
  • Is retirement something you think about but don’t know how to best go about adding to it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then stick around! We tackle these, and many more topics here.

My desire is to see you reach financial success and that means

  • Never being late on a payment again.
  • Giving yourself a buffer by building your savings account.
  • Having a working budget in place so that you can see your financial picture of the year. 
  • Being debt free.
  • Taking control of your financial state by addressing emotional reasons that drive you to spend money.
  • Using credit cards for your benefit, not for the companies profit.
  • Understanding how to invest.
  • Growing your financial knowledge, because knowledge is power.

It is possible!! I know because we have been there! We have walked down that road and you can too! You will find my story of how we paid off $33,000 in debt through my About Mrs. page.

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Below you will find information that may change your bank account! Yes, it’s powerful stuff!
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