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The salty sweat was dripping down your face, the golden sun was blazing directly overhead and the breeze was no where to be found. All you wanted was a cup of cool, refreshing yellow lemonade to quench your thirst. You know the kind that kids sell for $1.00 a cup from their road side stand.

Did you ever do that growing up? Make your own lemonade and sit expectantly waiting for someone to buy up your little plastic cups of refreshment? It’s fun isn’t it! Even more fun when at the end of the day you count through your newly acquired green bills.

But then we grow up, go to school and get “a real job”. Now, you might find yourself in a spot where you need a little extra money or find yourself in some debt that you really want to pay down. Like I did here.

Consider a side hustle.

We all have 1440 minutes in our day. If you work 8 hours a day that is only 480 minutes that you are giving to someone else. That leaves you with 960 minutes each day that are your very own!

Now granted, some of that you are going to need for sleeping and if we are generous and give ourselves 8 hours of sleep, that still give us 480 minutes to spend on something else.

You might consider doing a side hustle that creates more income for you. Now, I’m not talking about working for someone else. Your income is always capped when you work for someone else! But something that you are in charge of all the time.

Starting a Blog.

If you like to write, have a “soap box” you like to get on, or could talk to a friend about a topic for hours you might have found your blogging topic! This is an easy way to start with a very small investment and grow it to any size your choose.

As you blog and find an audience you can learn to earn an income from affiliate marketing, selling an actual product or service or writing an ebook. There are other ways too, you just need to start a blog first and begin exploring the ways.

I’ve used Blue Host to hosting and WordPress for my site. At less than $6.00 a month that is an awesome start up cost!

Starting a Photography Business.

If you enjoy taking pictures or have an eye for design this might be perfect for you. If you love people then being a wedding or portrait photographer might be your calling.I have done this on the side for many years and it has paid for vacations, Christmas gifts and more for our family.

If you love extreme sports, there is a need for that too. Just think of your favorite magazine, it is full of images right? Well, someone was the photographer behind those images! It could be you.

Developing an App

Start an Etsy Shop

If creative seems to be your middle name and you turn your dining room table into Craft Central all the time this might be the perfect place to start selling your items.

Create Websites

Learning to build websites in not all that difficult. Alot of programs exist to make website building easy and you don’t need to know code. Your library has lots of books on how to build websites and in no time you could be up and running your own business building websites. It’s a job that you can do from anywhere around the world too!

Become a Virtual Assistant

Another job that you can do from anywhere.

Write a Book or Ebook

If you have created story lines and characters in your head but never got them down on paper you might look at become an author! It is way easier than you might think.

Be a Ghost Writer

Want to write but get paid right away? Then being a ghost writer might be just perfect.

Upwork is a good place to start and Funds for Writers.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about a side hustle. They say that every Millionaire has 7 streams of income! When I read that the first time my mind was set spinning. 7! The average family has two when both people are working and when one job is ended, for whatever reason, it throws the whole family off. But millionaires have realized, you can’t count on one job or even two jobs for everything. So, lets take a little wisdom from them and begin a side hustle. It might turn into more than you ever dreamed.

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