Unique Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

Have you ever wanted to buy a unique jewelry gift for a new mom? Maybe you are a nursing mom and have cherished your experience and wondered how you could hang on to those memories with something special.

Jewelry is always a good way to remember those special moments.

Today’s guestpost by Ashley is a peak into a side hustle that went viral. Her unique jewelry business is really beauitful.
As a stay-at-home mom and type A personality, having a passion and hobby is an important part of creating a balance. It’s easy to get caught up in diapers, baths, that never ending mountain of laundry and forget we are individuals too.
I hope that her story will be an encouragement to you. Maybe you have considered coming home but think you might just go stir crazy. 

First, I have to thank Holly for asking me to guest post and offer some words of encouragement to other entrepreneurial moms out there! Ironically, the day she contacted me was the EXACT day, one year ago, I began my very first business.

I currently own and operate 3 different handmade jewelry businesses and have grossed almost $20,000 in one year (without subtracting overhead, advertising, promotions, development, shipping, or any other costs related to the business). 

 Unique Gifts for New Moms by 1 very Creative stay at home Mom
The first business entails jewelry that I make from women’s breastmilk, and more recently, do-it-yourself kits that allow women to make their own breastmilk charms, regardless of their previous crafting experience. 
The second, TinyBirdTreasure, is a shop focused on jewelry inspired by literature and fairy tales, as well as, findings and supplies for those who follow my blog and want to make the designs I teach in crafting tutorials.
The third, EnchantedFleurs is a keepsake jewelry shop with designs made from sentimental fresh flowers that people ship to me (from weddings or baptisms, for example) or other small keepsakes like: cremated remains, baby curls, and newborn clothes. 
Yes. I am a busy gal.
How in the world did I get started? How did this all happen in a single year? It was not without some sleepless nights, major cognitive dissidence, incredible highs matched by equally devastating lows. 
Shortly after giving birth to my second baby, I remember scrolling through a French news website in the “Arts” section (which is one of the only ways to keep my French Bachelor’s Degree useful) and came across an exhibition about the human body. Standing out from sculpture after sculpture of plasticized nervous systems and organ cross sections layered to resemble portraits and landscapes, was a tiny necklace.
A softly impressionistic sculpture of a baby’s face was glazed over with resin and set in a silver bezel. I almost missed the caption that read, “The artist’s tribute to his wife is a child’s silhouette he made from her breastmilk after their first child.”
I was instantly intrigued.
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This was going to be my last baby and nursing relationship, so during nap times and after my babies were tucked into bed, I would research the properties of human milk. After doing well in biochemistry in college, I was determined to figure out how to make myself a keepsake from breastfeeding.
After several months of testing methods and chemicals, I finally had some jewelry pieces that were holding their milky white color. Once satisfied with it, I proudly displayed it on my personal social media page, expecting just a few “likes” or confused emojis.
The response was ridiculous!
1 Creative Moms Etsy Side Hustle that helped bring in $20,000 in one year!
I had over a dozen requests for orders in a few hours, and was so excited, that sleep was fleeting. I stayed up most of that night building my website, drawing up new designs, ordering new metals, creating new molds, sculpting, and building my business Facebook page. 
After 3 weeks, I hadn’t had a single order. The discouragement began to set in, and I decided that if the first month of my website subscription expired, without a purchase, I’d shut it down. 
In one last attempt to attract an order, a 20% off coupon code was posted to the business Facebook page, and an order cleared that afternoon.
The “cha-ching” was addictive!
$60 dropped into my PayPal account. I had already invested about $100 in the website and materials to make my own pendant, plus new supplies for my next phase of designs. Needless to say, that $60 went right back into the business. 
A few $15 and $20 Facebook ads landed me a few more purchases and many more page likes. Soon, there were doulas and birthing centers asking to display my flyers in their offices, and more trial-and-error marketing strategies (found in this blog post) helped drive my traffic steadily week after week.
By February, I had a steady stream of $500-$700 gross per month (not subtracting overhead or new investment). The primary goal of this side-hustle was to give me a creative outlet, and maybe a little extra cash. Hubby was a teacher at the time, so any little bit helped our budget. Mostly, this business was just for me.
With two babies under two, it saved me from drowning in motherhood.
It was also around this time that I began getting really grossed out by the smelly, sometimes moldy, breastmilk that would arrive in my PO box. Desperate boredom was setting in as well, since the pallet of colors I was working with ranged from white to off-white with the occasional blue, green, or yellow tint, so I began branching out into other skills.
Tinkering with new techniques reignited my creativity, which prompted me to start TinyBirdTreasure as a secondary “fun” project that actually involved color and didn’t require constant emails from clients worried about their jewelry or milk. That did well too! My “Enchanted Rose Ring” design, buoyed by Disney’s recent Beauty and the Beast adaption this March, made back my investment, and then some, just in its first month!
These beautiful handmade gifts for Mom by a very creative SAHM are beautiful. Her story is amazing to read.
TinyBirdTreasure still produces a nice revenue of a couple hundred dollars per month, but since people were knocking down my door for the breastmilk jewelry, that business stayed my primary focus. I started an Instagram business page in March along with a Google Adsense advertisement for $100 dollars a month. 
That was blind-siding!
My website views went through the roof, and so did sales. My shop’s Google listing jumped to the top of the second page of “breastmilk jewelry” results. In April, I cleared $5000. My hard work was paying off, but of course, what goes up must come down. 
Some unpleasant side effects of sudden popularity in any artistic trade also came with this success-not to mention I wasn’t sleeping and hardly eating, trying to fill orders and deal with the stress of being completely overwhelmed with my kids, clients, orders, household management, and emails. By the end of that month, I began to vehemently HATE making breastmilk jewelry.
My blood pressure and heart rate would sky-rocket just opening the door to our office, and the constant smell of body odor and sour breastmilk felt like a permanent smog in our house.
Something had to change.
My kids had to go into daycare, or I needed to slow down taking orders, because I couldn’t keep up this break-neck pace.
In May, I closed the shop to catch up on orders (each piece takes between 9-14 days to make IF nothing goes wrong chemically or in the design). Around this time, we also began suspecting that our oldest child may need to be tested for special needs. There was a sudden pull for me to go back to being “just” a stay-at-home-mom.
Lots of soul-searching said to keep the shop closed and focus on my family. I did this for about two months, but the mom depression started to swallow me again.
Feelings of resentment toward my husband, feeling angry at my children, hating myself for having these feelings. 
Etsy is a perfect place to sell unique gifts for new Moms and this is 1 SAHM's story of how she brought in $20,000 selling jewelry.
This was a voice I heard constantly, telling myself to stop being so selfish. 
Nonetheless, since then I’ve accepted that to be a GOOD stay-at-home-mom, I NEED to be a work-at-home-mom. Yes, balance is important—a hard lesson I learned an even harder way—but having a business is something I don’t think I can ever give up after having a taste of it.
It is my solemn belief that “A-Type” personalities who are stay-at-home-parents MUST have a side-hustle. We need goals, visions, creative outlets, and something to chase. This may actually be true for all stay-at-home-parents, so don’t think I’m only recommending this for one “type” of anyone!
In August, my son was diagnosed with multiple special needs. This is something with which our family is still coming to terms. The realization that I’m not actually a crappy mother, but that he has disabilities, has been both heartbreakingly miserable and oddly relieving. This was yet another confirmation that I needed an outlet to channel some of the emotional steam that builds within me everyday.
My guess is, you need this too. My guess is, you’d like to feel worth more than the snot stain or baby spit-up on your shoulder right now. Let me say this: 
“You are worth more than anything in the world to your children, darling. They want you to be happy and fulfilled. Do it for yourself and for them. Find something you love to do or have always wanted to learn—and practice.”
Don’t worry about if it’s “good” or not. Don’t worry about if it’s “right” or if it’s “a waste of time.” Don’t worry about being an “amateur.” 
Say it with me:
“Time spent creating is never wasted.”
You “get good” at whatever you enjoy doing, and build a website or start an Etsy store. It doesn’t have to gross $10,000 a month to be worth the time! I won’t go into success strategies in this post, that’s what this other post is about, but I will say that when you make your first sale—because you eventually will—just seeing your creations listed online will give you a sense of accomplishment—even if you only ever break even monetarily.
With my interest and time availability waning, blogging seemed a natural next step to finish phasing out of the breastmilk jewelry business. August saw my website come together. A domain was purchased, and I began trying to figure out how to monetize it. The logic being that writing about crafting and homemaking projects that I already do, have much less time demand than creating jewelry. 
Blog post photos can be taken while playing with my kids, can be written about while I watch them play, and can be uploaded during nap times. The work doesn’t need as much “dedicated without children” time that working with jeweling chemicals demands.
I have not figured out how to make much money from blogging—yet.
I’ve made about $10 through my affiliates, but completely opposite of the breastmilk jewelry, I’ve enjoyed it so much! I’ve met some amazing ladies and friends through it, and it forces me to finish all of my homemaking projects. It meets both the hustle need and the creative outlet need.
Still, my jeweling skills and crafting is something I haven’t been able to put down. The money is immediate, and the crafting puts me in a zen state, so I control sales by shutting down when my orders start feeling overwhelming. This allows me to still make money, practice my skills, help other people, keep me sane, and enjoy my family and homemaking life.
These different work-from-home businesses and ideas were something I got into to let off steam from the pressures of motherhood, parenting a child with special needs, and focusing to keep my inner spirit alive—you know—the person I was before I was someone’s mom.
My advice to mamas out there who are considering starting a little Etsy store, a little farmer’s market booth, or even a Facebook store to sell something you produce is: to just start.
There are many things you can do to help your business be successful, by working smarter, not harder. 
If you like to craft or bake or have another skill you can offer the world, don’t feel like you’re “pushing it on” anyone. A great quote from Sarah Titus (mompreneuer extraordinaire) is “People don’t like being sold to, but they do like to buy things.”
When I think of an ad campaign, new design, or other aspect of my businesses, I frame my ideas within this quote. 
How can I add VALUE to this?” 
Emotional attachment to keepsakes, family, beloved books, and nature have all been huge sources of inspiration for me. What inspires YOU? What makes YOU want to buy something? 
Make things or sell things that YOU like! Remember that your customers are buying an experience, and a little bit of YOU, with your product, so create something you love, list it, and if it doesn’t sell, be happy that you get to keep it for yourself!
I didn’t major in business in college. I have very little formal training. These were passions that I pursued, because they are enjoyable. My husband is always supportive, which helps tremendously, and I’ve been lucky enough that other people have liked my designs enough to buy them.
I don’t want to sound like I have “everything figured out.” My hard work was rewarded with luck. I’ve approached other business ideas that have collapsed entirely. Money was the focus and pull with those, which was probably the problem, so do what you love, and see if you can think of a way to make money at it. Then, let your business grow slowly and organically. Something may go viral, and you need to be consistent in your work, but let your work take a natural progression. 
Channel your inner tortoise. Slow and steady.
You already manage so many things as a mom! Your house, the chores, the kids’ activities, meals, schedules, money—it’s no wonder “mom depression” seems to be a plague of our generation. We are expected to “do everything” for everyone. Having a little business will force your family (and you) to give yourself some time to grow as an individual.
The worst you can do is try and the best you can do is succeed. Bon courage, mamans!
Ashley is a work-at-home-mom to two rowdy boys and writes a homemaking and crafting blog to inspire people to look within themselves for creativity, develop new skills, and live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. She’s usually covered in dirt from working in her garden and her “perfect date” is a trip to the natural science museum. She also creates keepsake and fan art jewelry that you can find on Etsy at Enchanted Fleurs Keepsakes and Tiny Bird Treasure, respectively. 

Thank you,

Thank you so much Ashley for sharing your story. The highs and the lows. I believe that so many other Moms can identify with your story and I’m so glad you could share with us how you have dealt with it in a healthy way! Be sure to stop by her Etsy Shop for amazing handmade gifts for someone special you know!


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