YNAB Categories with Free Printable

YNAB Categories that will jump start your budget! Plus a FREE Printable.

Budgeting with the You Need A Budget (YNAB) has a learning curve but this will help you get started sooner.

YNAB Categories with a Free Printable

Ok, so let me tell you a secret. I have wasted a TON of time doing my budget the hard way.

For years I used an excel spreadsheet for our budget. It calculated the figures for me very easy but I still had to add every receipt by hand. Sometimes it took me two hours to enter everything! Yes, crazy I know.

The worst part was it only helped me at that time! The next day when we spent money, I didn’t have a way of knowing exactly where our budget stood.

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Then the day came when a friend was talking about this app YNAB. **Que my happy dance** I really got excited after I went on their site and began to understand the scope of their product!!

Now I could

  • Update my budget on the go with the YNAB app
  • Update my budget from my computer too
  • See exactly what money I had left for the month
  • Look at each category and see where my purchase would come from
  • Make knowledgeable decisions EVERY time
  • Take control of my debts
  • Master my money

Oh, friend, this really changed everything for me. I want you to see the difference too. In my post here I do a step by step walk through on how to begin using your YNAB app and it has pictures! Because I’m a visual person. 🙂

But before you can start you need to select categories into which you put your money each month. That is where this FREE printable comes in!

Download it right here


Be sure to save it so if you want to make adjustments you can. I love writing things out. My journal’s can attest to that! But really, it is helpful to get it thought out on paper and then you just enter them into your app.

Every budget starts with one step. Ready to take your’s?


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