YNAB Review 2018 – Master Your Money the Easy Way!

A Super Useful Review of YNAB for Budgeting

Are you tired of wishing for pay day, two days after payday?

Do you want to see your savings account grow this year?

Are you setting some financial goals for 2018 and need an easy to use, portable budgeting software?

Then you are in the right place! My YNAB review comes from my personal experience of using You Need a Budget last year, for most of year. I’m not being paid for this review and the only compensation I might receive is one month of YNAB free if you decide to use the program too. {You can receive the same too if you refer friends.} So, be reassured, all these opinions are my own. So grab a peppermint patty and keep reading.

So YNAB stands for You Need A Budget and it comes as an online program which you can use as a stand lone program if you wish. The companion app is available for both Android and Apple phones as well.

YNAB Review 2018 - The Best Budget app for saving money and growing your net worth.

My criteria for a budgeting software.

When I began look for a budget program I wanted:

  • A mobile app.
  • A zero based budget system.
  • A way to have a current budget every.single.day of the month.
  • Support that helped me when I got stuck.

I’ve used a budget since I was 14. I’m not new to budgeting but my old excel spreadsheet wasn’t working anymore. I’d spend 2-3 hours every couple of weeks on it but I was really just keeping track of what had happened in the past.

I wanted something that had a forward looking approach. Looking around I found a several online programs but no app companion utilities. Then I looked at Mint but it just didn’t allow me to work with my money in the way I wanted to be able to. I like the freedom to move money around and it just didn’t work for me. I looked at Everydollar but the price tag wasn’t something didn’t wanted to pay each month.

YNAB Review 2018 - The Best Budget app for saving money and growing your net worth.

A friend suggested YNAB to me and I watched a few videos on their site and it seemed to be everything that I was looking for in one program.

After I signed up for a 34 day trial I jumped right in and began playing with the program online, connecting all my accounts and using the app.

Pro tip. There is a learning curve to using YNAB. I really suggest that you watch this video when you setup your first budget because if you don’t it will create problems later on for you.


This video is a must watch when you add in your credit card. Credit cards are handled in a special way and need to be setup correctly. I may or may not have had to do this three times because I didn’t watch this video first.

Once everything was setup and I began using my app I was in LOVE! The power is in the fact that decision making now happens in the moment, based on facts of your actual budget! Do I have $35 to spend on this outfit? Zip, I can pull out my app, look at my clothing category and see yes, I have $50 to spend for the rest of the month so I’m good to go!

After the purchase I can immediately enter my receipt on my app and my budget is up to date!


Another big plus for YNAB is my husband and I both have the app on our phone. This gives us access to all the same information and we can work as a team on our goals. He can check the app when he needs to make a purchase and so can I.

Another big plus for YNAB is my husband and I both have the app on our phone. Click To Tweet

Most relationships have a saver and a spender. The saver usually ends up being the one who enters the receipts consistently and keeps the pennies in order.

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Now in the first 34 days I recommend you do three things.

Binge watch Jesse on Youtube. When you begin understanding the systems behind the program, it will begin to click for you. Jesse is founder of the company and it’s so helpful listening to him explain the system.

Join YNABers! Yes, we are kind of a small cult, but when your bank account begins to grow, you will get excited too!! Facebook has a great group called “YNAB (you need a budget ) fans!”  Then Reddit also has a subreddit if you are a reddit fan. When you join, take the time to skim through and read some of the amazing success stories! I’ve read of people paying for $74,000 of debt in one year, paying of loans, paying for vacations and lives really being transformed! It’s exciting!

Sign up for several Workshops. These 20 webinars will teach you so much and you can ask specific questions. The topic are on almost everything you can think about so just jump in and watch a bunch. Netflix can wait 🙂

The Cost

To access this great program you need to sign up for 34 free days. Then you will give them your credit card after that to sign up. It’s $6.99 per month but it’s charged once for the up coming year. For me, paying less than a smoothie was totally worth my peace of mind it’s given to me!

If you are a student you can also receive 12 extra months free by emailing then with proof. student@ynab.com

YNAB Review 2018 - The Best Budget app for saving money and growing your net worth.

The Worst Part.

Ok, so a review isn’t worth anything if it only tells you the good things right?

First off, the learning curve is a little steep.

You can not begin using the app and program all by yourself, without some training. I had to watch the Youtube videos and take the online classes YNAB offers in order to work on the kinks. Not because the program wasn’t working but because I had to wrap my head around the systems that were in place already. Once I figured that part out, it was very easy.

Also, some of the features that are on the online version aren’t available in the app. But this really isn’t a big deal because it’s small things.

That’s really it ladies! If you like what you’ve read please use my friend code and sign up! I hope you will fall in love with YNAB like I have and begin reaching your 2018 goals and beyond!

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