Take Advantage of 399 Days of YNAB for FREE.

Are you in high school and need to working on your #adulting skills and tackle personal finances?

Are you a coffee drinking, sleep deprived college student who is seeking to manage your finances with an awesome app and watch your money?

Is grad school keeping you so busy that you really need an easy way to manage your finances? 

Then 399 FREE days of YNAB student trial is exactly what you need.

YNAB has a free trial period of 34 days. As a student you can take advantage of 356 days free as well. As a user of YNAB myself, that’s a pretty sweet deal!YNAB Student Trial

What exactly is YNAB you might ask?

It’s a fully supported program and app which teaches you to handle your day to day finances responsible.

What makes YNAB very different from every other program I've seen out there is the 'Age of Money' idea.Click To Tweet

Let me explain:

For illustrations sake imagine 5 empty water glasses. These represent your spending categories. Then in your hand is a pitcher of water which is your paycheck. On payday you pore your pitcher of water into all 5 glasses.

YNAB Student Trial

By next payday you have 4 1/2 empty water glasses. The pitcher of water then fills up 4 1/2 glasses but this time you have 1/2 a glass worth of water left? That money now goes into the next months budget. Your “age of money” has increased because it’s further away from payday than then other money.

This is your buffer. You are now saving money for the future instead of spending it all.

Trust me! This is powerful! The more you work in YNAB the more exciting it becomes to save money and be in control of where your money is actually spent.

How do you show proof of being a student?

Does it work with just a Student ID card?

It’s pretty easy as you can see to verify your student information with YNAB. Once they have received this proof you will simple receive a code which you will use at check out.

Just email them at help@ynab.com to begin the process.

YNAB Student Trial

Maximize your finances for a bright future.

If I could talk to my college age self here is what I would say:Click To Tweet

Learning to budget is the first step in a sound financial life. I highly recommend YNAB because I’ve been using it myself. I.LOVE.IT.

YNAB Student Trail

As a student you are in an excellent position to continue learning about finances. Much of financial wisdom you will need to learn completely on your own. Books, podcasts and blogs, like this one offer an abundance of advice.

Grade school does not teach personal finances, high school may touch on it some but after that YOU need to invest in your own knowledge on the subject. So I challenge you, do something every single month to continue growing your understanding of investing.

You will never save a million dollars for retirement simple by spending less of your paycheck. Not unless you can manage a really high paying job and save $30,000 a year for 40 years. Which just isn’t possible for most of us.

But investing is how you multiply your money. Whether you want to save for a home, start a business or save for a healthy retirement, investing is the key.

YNAB Student Trial

Now that you understand the power of YNAB, start today.

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